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Oil and Cold Wax Painting Workshop (for ages 18+)

Luminous rich layers of color and texture appear as if by magic while painting in Oil and Cold Wax medium. In this class we will complete up to 6 paintings on heavy paper, canvas or board. We will learn to mix and use wax and oil paint with mediums to create lush landscapes to abstract expressions. We will learn scratching, digging, burnishing, texturizing and so many more techniques. Jump right in the first day with under paintings in acrylic to speed up the process. Followed by our first wax and paint layers and create from there. I am available to my students at all times and encourage continuing dialogue as they grow in their proficiency.  Most important, this class will be fun, collaborative and informative!

Experience the expressive style media with Oregon's celebrated artist, Lynne Wintermute.

INSTRUCTOR: Lynne Wintermute
Saturdays, 10:00 – 2:00PM | 5/5 & 5/12