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Beginning Photography (ages 18+)

Learn digital photography tips and tricks hands on! Using a digital camera in manual mode allows students to discover and practice a variety of photography techniques. Students learn to notice light sources and their effects, and how to manipulate shutter speed, aperture, ISO and White Balance. We start out discovering basic camera and photography terms ie. exposure, pixel, noise, jpeg, subject, frame, shutter, aperture, lens, composition, etc.

Class time concentrates on learning specific techniques and putting them immediately into practice by going on photography adventures, having their resulting images reviewed and discussed. As class advances, students experiment with composition, motion, depth of field and white balance. Every class builds upon the previous elements and creativity is strongly encouraged! Students also learn to how photography can enhance their own creative expression, document their daily lives as well as teach them to slow down, get close, study a subject, and pay attention to uniquely captivating details and moments.

Taught by Portland based photojournalist Katherine Kimball, you will unlock the potential of your camera and express your personal vision.  This class is fantastic for anyone with a camera looking to improve their technique and start taking stunning photography.

INSTRUCTOR: Katherine Kimball
Wednesdays, 6:00 – 8:00 PM | 5/10 – 5/31