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Academic Figure Drawing & Painting (ages 18+)

A basic introduction to the traditional methods of 19th century art academies and ateliers, 
with an emphasis on realistic figure drawing from life. 
Through a clear, step by step approach, students will learn the main working methods taught for centuries in European and American art academies, which stress accurate drawing, proportion, foreshortening and shading. We will also touch on the basics of composition, anatomy and structure as well as the choosing and making of tools and materials.  All the while  looking, analyzing  and learning from the great artists throughout history.
A great course for both beginners and experienced students, which can be applied to a variety of mediums such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel and colored pencil. This class can also be readily applied to computer based graphic novel and comics work.

For more of Rodrigo Avila's work, visit his website at


FALL SESSION | Wednesdays
INSTRUCTOR: Rodrigo Avila
6:00 - 8:30PM | 10/3 - 11/14

*No class 10/31.

COURSE SPECIFICS and MATERIALS REQUIREMENTS —In this class, students will be working from nude models and should be comfortable in a life drawing environment.   —Some experience in drawing or art is recommended but not required, all levels are welcome. — All media is welcome —Basic materials will be provided (such as pencils, charcoal, paper and some drawing boards) however, students are encouraged to bring their own preferred media, tools and materials, as well as easels, drawing boards, brushes, electronic drawing pads etc.