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Feminist Rendering & the Female Body (ages 18+)

Day 1 we will be spending some time discussing the female form and how it has been portrayed through art history. We will talk about the reclamation of the female nude portrait and its relationship to male gaze. We will then move on to working with a model on action based figure and movement rendering and composition practice before moving into several longer poses. 


Day 2 we will spend our time reflecting on our work from the day before, using them as reference material for a more expressive final project, using a variety of mediums,  thinking of material influence. 

We will finish with a discussion of the reflection of our workshop and critique of our work. 

For more of instructor's work, visit her website at 


FALL WORKSHOP | Saturday & Sunday
INSTRUCTOR: Kelsey Davis
1:00 - 6:00PM | 11/10 & 11/11