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Interacting with Art History | Ancient Greece to the Renaissance (ages 16+)

This class combines a series of short lectures on a topic and a hands on project related
to that theme. The series of themes range from ancient Greece and Rome to The Renaissance.

Specialized products will be purchased by the instructor especially for this workshop. A $10 materials fee must be paid to the instructor upon arrival at first day of class. 

Class 1: Drawing and preparatory techniques

  • Create ink from Oak Galls an ancient technique for ink making

  • Do a drawing project with Charcoal and Ink

  • Discuss transferring techniques

Class 2: Frescos (Ancient Greece and Rome)

  • Learn about the technique of fresco and its use throughout history

  • Create a small fresco based on historic fresco examples

Class 3: Frescos (Renaissance Rome)

  • Learn about the Resurgence of Ancient themes during the Renaissance and discuss several well known fresco’s from this period.

  • Create a second fresco

Class 4: Medieval Gilding

  • Learn about the Medieval period, Major themes. Explore why this style became prevalent during this period.

  • Create personal Icon (Both religious and non-religious images available)

Class 5: Gilding

  • Discuss symbolism in these works, look at examples and have discussion.

  • Create second Icon with a modern twist.

The Art History Experience
Fridays, 5:00 – 7:00PM | 1/25 – 2/22