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Intro to Painting (ages 16+)

This six week course introduces beginning students to the basic principles of oil and acrylic painting. Beginning with grisaille, the limited pallete,  as well as the full color pallete.

Grisaille is a painting executed entirely in monochrome or shades of grey. In traditional academies and ateliers, learning to paint a grissaille
was a key step in a students education by helping to ease them from the relatively straight forward world of drawing, into the often confusing world of paint and color. 

students  will learn the importance of tone and value to create mood and atmosphere in a painting. Along the way we will also touch on and review some of the key elements of color theory, composition and lighting.  Students will also learn some basic technical skills such as  stretching and preparing a canvas, mixing paint, and setting up a work area.

Students must pay a $20 fee directly to the instructor to cover the materials purchased for the class. 

Beginning Painting
INSTRUCTOR: Rodrigo Avila
Thursdays, 6:30 – 8:30PM | 2/14 – 3/21


—In this class, students will be working mostly from still lifes as well as photographs

—Some experience in drawing or art is recommended but not required, all levels are welcome.

— Focus will be on acrylic and oil painting.

— Some basic materials will be provided such as brushes and some paints. Students are encouraged to bring their own preferred paints, brushes and other necessary materials.

– Students must pay a $20 fee directly to the instructor to cover the materials purchased for the class.