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Paint Like the Impressionists (ages 16+)

The motto of my classes is “Learn the history - Create the Art” and that is exactly what we will do in this course! Each of these four classes will not only cover the background of an artist's life but also methods and technique - followed by a painting project based on that artist. This class welcomes new artists as well experienced painters wanting to try/learn something new. Best of all - weather permitting - there may be the opportunity to do some of our classes outside!

Class 1: Intro to Impressionism: Monet
Known as the master of light, Monet is often said to paint the light that falls upon cathedrals or bridges rather than the objects themselves.

Class 2: Cezanne - Building a painting
Cezanne’s described his process as ‘building a painting’, we will focus on finding geometric forms within images during our project based on Cezanne.


Class 3: Saurat - Color and the Human Eye
This day’s class will focus on Saurat’s unique approach to painting using the method of Pointillism: a method where a work consists merely of various colored dots.

Class 4: Van Gogh - Emotion and Expression
We will look into Van Gogh’s use of emotion in his works, how he achieved
this and paint a work inspired by Van Gogh’s technique.

Thursdays, 10:00AM – 1:00PM | 5/30 – 6/20