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Ikebana for All (ages 14+)

This workshop covers a brief history and basic concept of ikebana, tools and equipment, plant material preparations and treatment, some practical and useful techniques, and how to create beautiful and unique ikebana designs.  This workshop is suitable for any skill level, and students can take home what they worked on in the workshop. 

About the Artist: Though Nana Goto Bellerud was born in Japan, she did not take up the study of ikebana until after she had lived in the U.S. and saw her own culture from the outside.  Nana has been studying the Sogetsu School of ikebana for 14 years and continues to be inspired and have new insights from its teachings.  Nana demonstrates and exhibits ikebana at a wide range of venues including the Portland Art Museum and Portland Japanese Garden.  Through her demonstrations she seeks to introduce others to the art of ikebana and to intrigue and inspire them.  Beyond simply producing a beautiful work of art with flowers and natural objects, she shows her audience how ikebana explores artistic concepts such as balance, contrast, and negative space.  Her goal for her audience is to leave the demonstration with the understanding that ikebana goes beyond the simple decorative objectives of western flower arranging and is a true art form.  Nana also offers classes and workshops and is currently serving as Branch Director of Sogetsu Portland and is a past President of Ikebana International Portland Chapter #47.  

For more of the artist's work, visit her Instagram page @nana_bellerud. 

Ikebana | The Art of Flower Arrangement
INSTRUCTOR: Nana Goto Bellerud
10:00AM – 12:00PM |  Saturday, 4/20

What to Bring: 2 containers and a pair of ikebana or garden clippers, and Kenzan or floral frogs if you have any . Details to be sent to registered participants. A $5 materials fee must be paid to the instructor upon arrival.

Nana will also be exhibiting her Ikebana work in the Grand Lobby of the CCC May 9 - 11, 2019!