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Intro to Digital Photography: Mastering Your Digital Camera (ages 16+)

This course is designed with all levels of photographers in mind — from the beginner to the advanced photographer. It is designed to assist learners in acquiring today’s technical knowledge of photography and combine that technical knowledge with their creative vision to assist them in bringing their visions to life.

Day one:

  • Camera set-up and handling

  • Camera math

  • Metering

Day two:

  • Lens selection

  • Filters

  • Adding light, basic flash photography

  • Close-up photography

  • Composition

Sat & Sun, 2:00PM – 5:30PM | 6/8 & 6/9

WHAT TO BRING: -Pen or pencil (for note taking) -Camera -Camera Manual -Memory cards -Laptop and storage drive (optional) -Tripod (optional, will be used in specific class segments) -Electronic flash (optional, will be used in the adding light session)

About the Instructor:

Rusty Rae jokes he was born in a darkroom. He’s been making photos for more than 40-years and has won awards for his images and his writing. He quickly transitioned to the digital world and hasn’t looked back. He’s currently a working photojournalist at the News-Register in McMinnville and is a former Nikon School Instructor. He not only brings his passion for photography and the creative process to his course, but also his ardor for teaching to each session.

“Digital photography opens a whole new world of image making. The goal of this course is to meld the technological elements of today’s imaging-making process with the photographer’s creative fervor and goals."

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