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Artist Talk with Print Arts Northwest

Join several of the artists of Print Arts Northwest for a FREE artist talk to learn about a variety of fine art printmaking techniques and methods used in fine-art printmaking in conjunction with the exhibit on view in the Parrish Gallery.

Print Arts Northwest is an educational nonprofit organization that supports and promotes contemporary fine art printmaking.  Through exhibitions and educational programs they strive to encourage wider appreciation and collection of original prints.  The exhibit in the Parrish Gallery features 17 fine art printmakers exploring landscapes through a variety of fine art print making methods. 

Notes on Technique

Intaglio | in intaglio, the image is produced below the surface of the plate, which is usually copper or zinc.

Lithography | The basis of all lithography is the tendency of grease and water to repel each other.  Non-image areas of a lithographic plate contain water ,repelling the greasy oil based in first developed in the late 1700's in Germany, by drawing with a greasy crayon or painting with tusche onto a heavy block of limestone, techniques that are still used by artists today. 

Relief Prints | In a relief print, the areas that do not print are cut away.  Ink is applied to the top surface of the plate with a roller or a brush (as in traditional Japanese woodcut), and printed onto paper using a press or by hand rubbing with a tool called a baren.

Monotype & Monoprint | The monotype, often called the "painterly print," is created by painting or otherwise applying ink directly onot a smooth plate, which may be acrylic or metal.




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