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April Stuckey: Newberg High School Senior Art Project

Grand Ballroom

The Chehalem Cultural Center is honored to host Newberg Higschool Senior, April Stuckey as she presents her senior Art Project: Dear Newberg, who are you? Please join us for this special event!

Project Statement:

Simply looking at a person’s age, race and gender does little for our real understanding of who that person is. Who are you?; a very open ended question which April Stuckey, a Newberg High School senior, has asked nearby students and adults to answer. Join the community of Newberg in the empathetic act of reading expressive letters written by local kids, teachers, parents and friends. All who visit are welcome to add any pages, poems and pictures to the exhibit. Come get inspired and be ready to open yourself up to understanding the people of this town like you never have before! Admission is free and  refreshments will be provided for your enjoyment!

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