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A Sense of Wonder | by Kay Danley

Central Gallery

I am primarily a figurative and landscape painter whose interest in nature is intimately connected to the human figure. I see similarity in form, shape, texture and color that landscape and figure share. These qualities reveal visions and emotions that drive my work. The landscape and and the human figure are a catalyst, a jumping off place of reinterpretation and invention that results in pieces that are uniquely my own. This seeing process is a dance between direct observation and a willingness to restructure, layer, overpaint, and wrestle with the image and its history in order to achieve a personal resolution. The resulting style is expressive of landscape or figure, while retaining a semblance of represetation with the original subject.

My process involves using transparent paint which is layered, scrubbed away, drawn and painted into, and applied in layers again and again, until— with time— the resulting image appears either veiled in ambiguity or it appears at the surface fully rendered, often with both techniques present simultaneously. The process is a dance of opposites: additive and subtractive, transparent and opaque, resolved or merely suggested.