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No Words | Paintings by Kelli Pellegrini

Community Gallery

My name is Kelli Pellegrini and I am an Oregonian, a Clinical Psychologist, an avid gardener, a cat lover, so many other things…  as well as a breast cancer survivor. 

Unless two semesters of undergraduate art class count, I am not a trained artist in any way. But when I faced cancer at age 45, I found I had no words to describe my experiences and the urge to express myself visually could not be suppressed. And so about halfway through treatment I started painting as a way to capture pieces and moments, both big and small, of my experiences and feelings.  As a group, my paintings tell my story of what happened after I heard the words “You have cancer.”

I have continued to paint about the ongoing process of dealing with both the positive and negative aspects of the aftermath, and the ever-present specter of recurrence.  As a Clinical Psychologist, I believe that my insights into emotional states have very much shaped my work.  I have hoped that my work can become part of broader community discussions and outreach, and bring greater understanding of the patient experience of cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

You can see and read more at my digital gallery:

Thank you for your open eyes, your open mind, and your open heart.

Artist's Reception: Friday, December 1st from 5-9pm



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