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Art For All Youth Exhibit

Central Gallery

The Art for All project's objective is to connect to all members of our community – providing them with the tools to create their own form of expression.   This project mission is based in the belief that when our community listens, learns, and experience the way others think – it makes us more empathic people and enhances our humanity.  Consisting of a series of workshops led by artists, students discovered creative expression by different mediums (ceramics, collage, printmaking, watercolor).  This exhibition is a collection of many of the works made by these students during workshops for everyone to enjoy.

“One huge impact of creating a space where children who experience a disability can express themselves creatively is that it affirms what they have to express is valuable.  Since art is subjective, there is no way to do it wrong or imperfectly.  How art is expressed is beautiful as it is!  It also gives children experiencing health challenges another way to express themselves that does not involve writing or speaking.  Our children are often very aware of their differences and being valued as they are in these art classes is one more way to affirm their individual beauty.”

Deana VandenHoek, Community Connections & Faith in Action Outreach Coordinator

This partnered project was made possible by generous support and funding from Yamhill County Cultural Coalition.

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