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Home Today: Drawings by Matthew Sproul

Community Gallery

Artist Bio

I was born in Barnstable, Massachusetts in 1960. I have three brothers, one is older than
me, two are younger. My father is from New York; he was a sailor and carpenter. My mother
and her side of the family are from New Zealand.
I grew up in New England and in Vista, California before moving with my family in 1973 to
Newport, Oregon. I lived at the coast for eleven years, graduating from Newport High School in 1978. I went on to O.S.U. in 1978-79. Then I returned to Lincoln County, working as a banquet waiter. I studied at the U of O from 1984-87, after which I moved to Portland in 1988 where I have since resided.
My interest in art arose in 2002 when all around my downtown neighborhood there
appeared a lot of life-size, fiberglass cows, decorated in many different ways using vibrant
colors. I made a photographic survey of the “Cows for Kids” sculpture installation. In addition to fine art I love cats and hockey.

Artist Statment

"I illustrate buildings with figures in pencil, marker and collage. When completed I photograph and print the drawings.  The reason for doing so is that my medium is non-permanent Crayola markers.  I use them because they are simple, atypical and buoyantly colored.

I’ve been depicting architecture since 2010. “It is nothing less than life itself taking form,” Frank Lloyd Wright.  

My early pictures have three dimensions, the new ones have two.   I chose the latter method for its expressive quality, as well as to highlight and celebrate this aspect of drawing, painting and collage.

In all of the pieces here the fields are essentially abstract.  They are bands of color chosen mostly to be complementary, though in places they do suggest landscape features and in that sense are open to interpretation by the viewer." — Matthew Sproul, January 10, 2018

Artist reception: August 24, 5:30-7:30pm

A big THANK YOU to My Personal Framer for generously framing two pieces for this show!