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Drawings by Matthew Sproul

Community Gallery

Artist Bio/Statement

I was born in Barnstable, Massachusetts in 1960. I have three brothers, one is older than
me, two are younger. My father is from New York; he was a sailor and carpenter. My mother
and her side of the family are from New Zealand.
I grew up in New England and in Vista, California before moving with my family in 1973 to
Newport, Oregon. I lived at the coast for eleven years, graduating from Newport High School in 1978. I went on to O.S.U. in 1978-79. Then I returned to Lincoln County, working as a banquet waiter. I studied at the U of O from 1984-87, after which I moved to Portland in 1988 where I have since resided.
My interest in art arose in 2002 when all around my downtown neighborhood there
appeared a lot of life-size, fiberglass cows, decorated in many different ways using vibrant
colors. I made a photographic survey of the “Cows for Kids” sculpture installation. In addition to fine art I love cats and hockey.