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Suspended Moment by Yukiyo Kawano

Grand Lobby

Suspended Moment:  Fat Man and Little Boy

by Yukiyo Kawano

Artist Statement:
"I have been designing a space that is defined by replicas of the Fat Man and Little Boy bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. These are made of WWII-era kimonos collected by my grandmother and stitched together with hair—melding my own DNA as a third-generation atomic bomb survivor with the objects of harm."

"Through my art, I'm imagining ways of involving audiences' bodies and minds in understanding history and experience from an origin point, from before its metabolism and representation by those in power.
Together with my collaborator Meshi Chavez, I am designing the space that allow people to experience the moment— the moment to explore and rethink everything from the beginning. We create the activated site defined by the bomb replicas: the nature of this work lies in dialogue. I invite people in the community to negotiate Hiroshima as the embodiment of damage, death and destruction—trying to preserve events I did not witness but need to remember. The goal of this work and performance is to find a unique space that depends on human interaction for its activation."

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