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Reveal / Conceal : the Transformative Masks of Tony Fuemmeler

Parrish Gallery

Masks offer a unique sort of transformation. They are full of paradox: masks reveal and magnify even as they conceal. Despite their obvious and observable presence as objects, masks in performance can so engage the viewer that we forget they are there. They can seem to defy their static form and move in front of the audience. They hold a kind of magic. The masks in this exhibit were designed to be worn and performed. Rather than server as a disguise, they are intended as the true face of the character presented. Many are three-quarter masks, completed by the face of the actor; others are designed to cover the whole face, or sit above it. All of them significantly inform the way an actor moves.

Tony Fuemmeler is an award-winning mask maker, puppeteer, and director who makes work for theatres locally, across the country, and abroad. After earning a degree in Theatre Design, he continued his study in mask making and performance at the Dell’Arte International School and with master artists in Bali, Italy and the US. He currently works out of his studio in Portland, Oregon.

Artist Reception: November 8th, 5:00-8:00pm