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Photographic Intentions by Angela Holm & PhotoClub PDX

Central Gallery 

In January 2018, seeking to be part of a photographic community in which she could learn and grow, Angela Holm created Photo Club PDX. The group meets monthly with the goal of becoming better and more creative photographers. For the past year the club has worked on projects together, competed in creative challenges, shared work, gone on outings as a group and have developed as photographers. This show represents the photographic successes that Angela and Photo Club PDX have created during 2018.

Angela Holm
Alicia Hill
Abigayle Tarsches
Andrew Greenhill
Cherie Savoie Tintary
Cora Coronel
Darnell McAdams
Lori Ackerman
Luke Olsen
Michal Rubin
Michelle Swanson
Ralph Daub
Zeb Andrews

Artists Reception on First Friday Artwalk: March 1st, 5pm-8pm